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Monday, April 14, 2003

If the DT keeps its current trend, I'll skip it altogether in favor of the DW. Today's DW Forum:

The 6th letter (Zac Bertschy) talks about a jab at Comedy Corner taken in a film review. I'd expect no less from critics who gave Old School an "F". I didn't see it, but there is no way it could be that bad.
I used to think Comedy Corner was great and CDE was, well, not. Example: Retarded Chinese girl (literally) was not funny.

The 9th (Daniel Greenspan) has this to say about Bush:
A crusader with no feelings for death, but for wealth heads our nation.
Inhumanity is at the root of our system and our administration. Men having no moral sense are in control of our weapons and military; they’re also indifferent to our beliefs, to the beliefs of other nations, and their people. Indifference is the sentiment of our government. Our administration creates a world of destruction to achieve a goal no one wants such a sacrifice for. Martyrs are in control of our government, fighting for a noble cause, but achieving it in morally destructive and barbaric ways.

I would say no moral sense is to advocate perpetuation of kiddie gulags. "Indifference" is doing nothing. This is apparently an "inhumane" "noble cause" because of the means of achieving it. My only question is what other means of achieving it there was that would not have been "inhumane." The author gives no guidance, but it certainly is not continued "inspections".
The beliefs of other nations are quickly being shown as rooted in financial ties to Iraq (FRG). The other nations are quickly changing their minds (e.g., Canada).
The author replaces the popular "so many" (19%) with "no one" (still 19%).

The 10th (Justin Cranmer) accurately depicts HR 1119, which I blogged about Friday. Glad to see I'm not the only one that actually reads things before forming an opinion about them.

The 11th (Brooks Kary) is just plain wrong (not incorrect, although it is, but inappropriate).
[Patriotism is] a sort of sweetly endearing and naive quality, like the first few years of Alzheimer’s disease, but without the nasty after effects...
Maybe forgetting about...ethnic cleansing in Iraq is a bit less humorous than grandma forgetting your name, but you can’t really do much about either.

I wasn't aware that the Ba'athist were a race.
I don't even know where to start on the idea that patriotism is naive.

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