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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Yesterday I happened to catch the end of a historical Price is Right.
The lady spun the big wheel what had to be the fewest number of segments (my guess is around 6). Upon respin, of course she got $1.00.
In the showcase showdown, she is the high winner. First showcase: something, motorcycle, and trailer. She passed it!? Bid: $30,000 (my guess: $26,300).
What did she pass it for: furniture (of course) that to me didn't match, carpet that may or may not come in more colors than bright blue, 6 foreign language tapes (including Russian), and a trip to Russia. Bid: $85,000. Yes, eighty-five thousand (my guess: $8,500, so I thought she would correct herself - nope).
Well, of course $85,000 was $69,000 over (me: that much? must be thick padding on the carpet), setting the record for highest bid and highest overbid.
The rub was that the first showcase was $26,000, so the guy also overbid (I would have also been over).

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