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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

This doesn't mention this. My favorite quotes:
"Justice Thomas's participation in the scandalous Bush v. Gore decision is, without more, sufficient to render him unworthy of being invited to give the graduation speech," Wilkes said...
"The decision to invite Justice Thomas is appalling, unwise and perverse - the embodiment of bad judgment," Wilkes told
Wilkes saved some of his harshest criticism for the Bush v. Gore decision, which he called "the most egregiously partisan ruling" in the Court's history, where he said Thomas and the majority let their "desire for a particular partisan outcome have priority over legal principles."

I still haven't read Bush v. Gore, but assume it talks about the electoral college and standard voting practices. Certainly there is nothing clearly made up, such as a right to privacy or penumbras.
Even still, I think it would be great to get and SCt justice as a commencement speaker at any school. When you combine that with Thomas's GA background and inspriational success story, I think politics should be set aside.

It isn't like commencement speeches are platforms for political ramblings anyways. Oops, maybe they are. Yep, I'm wrong.

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