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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

By the Numbers
The DT gave a rundown of some numbers I found interesting.

First, was the pre-Hopwood Texas Index, used to determine which candidates were automatic admits and automatic rejects.
For whites, automatic reject was 192.
For blacks, automatic accept was 189.
My question is what happened to candidates refusing to provide race information and scoring 190-191.
I also wonder if this conversation ever happened:
UT: "Congratulations, you've been accepted!"
White Student from Po-Dunk, TX: "Yee-haw!"
UT: "Wait, you're white?"
Student: "Yessum."
UT: "Nevermind. You're rejected."

3, 27
Next is the percentage of students in the top 10% of their high school class that did not score 900 on the SAT. I got this from printed bar charts, but can't find a DT site to link to. I'm not really sure what it means, but I think that those who criticize the top-10% rule might think twice if after seeing these numbers. By letting in the top 10% automatically, UT guarantees itself 1,179 students who couldn't even score 900 on the SAT.
By ethnicity:
White: 3% (300/10,498)
Asian: 5% (78/1,613)
Hispanic: 17% (513/3,082)
Black: 27% (288/1,071)

From the same tables, only half of those "college bound" from all groups took the SAT. ACT?

That is the number of times Chris Kennedy appeared in today's paper. I understand it is the summer, but surely there are enough people around to get more opinions.
He is the third letter of the Firing Line and is quoted as in street TALK (not on web).
I guess the DT is learning from the networks and NYT.

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