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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Hmm, it stopped after I posted that.

I saw clips that showed some, umm, plans for ways to help people. I don't recall who said what (I saw it very late at night), but it doesn't really matter.

#1: Up to $1,000, the government would match personal savings. This would apparently help poor people save. The questions about this are endless.
First, should the government encourage people to save? Aren't we already encouraging people not to save by providing for retirement with Social Security? Don't we want people to spend to jump-start the economy? Doesn't saving hurt the economy? This would seem to encourage people not to buy food for their kids, since they can double their money by letting kids starve. What about the starving children?
Second, does everyone get this or just the poor? Can Bill Gates get $1,000 as well as Joe Homeless? If only the poor qualify, isn't that pure income redistribution (Robin Hooding)? If everyone qualifies, isn't that still pure income redistribution (poor people don't pay taxes used to give them their $1,000)? Perhaps the argument is that either way, it is income redistribution, so it might as well exclude the rich.
Third, how will it work for families? How does it work with married couples with kids? Can Mormons with 14 kids get up to $16,000?
Fourth, if everyone does qualify (equal protection?), won't that cost $290 BILLION every year? Isn't that $3 TRILLION over the next 10 years?
Fifth, how is "savings" determined? Government bonds? Can I take money out of my E*Trade account and deposit it into Bank of America? Can I sell my couch and deposit the proceeds? Can I ever withdraw the money? When am I vested? If this works like an IRA/401(k), isn't a similar system already in place?

#2: Set up a system to allow illegal more aliens into the US. There are fewer questions, but this is just as questionable.
Does this only apply to Mexicans, or also to Syrians? If the goal is to let everyone in, why have an immigration/border control system at all? If the goal is only to let Mexicans in, isn't that discriminatory (equal protection?)? Rather than saying that people shouldn't die crossing the border, couldn't we just not let them cross the border? If we do decide to let everyone in, do we keep the border patrol to search for drugs and weapons? If found, does the person still come in, but without their contraband?

#3: Executive order mandating bilingual education.
I'm not sure about the constitutionality, most of all. However, is there really a reason for those in Maine and Montana to learn Spanish? Why not French, German, Russian, Chinese? Do Spanish speakers even want others to learn Spanish? I would think that having a more secretive language would be advantageous. I saw Koreans speaking to each other without impugnity, and that seemed to work to their advantage. I'm guessing the same would apply to Mexicans.

If I were an opposing candidate, I would say, "That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard." When asked why, just rattle off the questions.

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