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Sunday, June 29, 2003

On Friday, I heard one of the dumbest arguments ever on ESPN's Outside the Lines (nothing related/linkable found on their site): By recruiting international players, the NBA is trying to get whiter because it (the owners, sponsors, and league office) is racist. Where do I start?

One of the main pieces of "evidence" is that international players are more fundamentally sound -- they dribble, shoot, pass, move their feet, and don't turn it over. That is apparently a direct slap in the face to current black players, who happen to do few of those things. When asked about Tim Duncan, he doesn't count because he is basically white (?!).

Few answers for the fact that international players tend to stay out of trouble, while their US counterparts have a staggering record of arrests. When it was suggested that it was due to the circumstances in which the players grew up, Akron is basically the same as war-torn Bosnia.

Even less answers for the question of simple talent and/or physical attributes (height). Apparently Dirk is not a star yet, but James is already a superstar. This seems like the exact same as was used to exclude Robinson and Dobie from baseball in the 1950s.

The question I would have asked (but Bob Ley didn't) is that, if the conspiracy is true, why anyone would draft black international players (Pietrus, Ebi, Diaw,...).

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