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Sunday, July 13, 2003

I haven't been blogging much for good reason (too much reading).
However, I saw the 1981 NBA All-Star game last night. John McCloud was the head coach, meaning the Suns had the best record. In fact, the Suns had three all-stars:
Walter Davis
Dennis Johnson
Truck Robinson
Other members of the West were Kareem, Gervin, Moses, Sikma, Westphal (Sonic). Three 7-footers, then no one else over 6' 7". And they had the size advantage.
East had Erving, Gilmore, Bobby Jones, Bird, Dantley, Theus, Michael Ray Richardson, Eddie Johnson (two-time starter?!).
One thing I noted was everyone shot a little better, was really skinny, and didn't play defense.

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