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Friday, August 22, 2003

I woke up early today to set up interviews. I got 29 prescreen acceptances (don't get excited, that's below 50%). The maximum allowed interviews is 25. So far, I have set up 22. I need to make some tough cuts, so I'll let it stew over the weekend.
Oddly, I was not invited to interview by Scott, Douglas & McConnico. However, they would like me to come to a happy hour for a possible shot. Might as well.

My theory is that if I got 48% prescreen, I'll get 50% everything. That means 12 call backs, then 6 offers. Hopefully I can split the summer between 2 firms, only disappointing 4.

I guess my writing sample passed the test, because 4/6 firms requesting it offered me an interview. The rate is 66%, so my non-sample offer rate was only 45%. By looking at my writing, a firm is 47% more likely to make me an offer (at least in theory). I think that's my biggest weakness, so Hooray.

UPDATE: I guess I have also been waitlisted at a few firms. This is interesting. Setting up interviews for selected firms ends before setting up interviews for waitlisted firms. However, the 25 maximum still applies. I might have to cut all my remaining firms to gamble on the possibility of the waitlising ones. Hmmm.

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