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Friday, August 29, 2003

Last night I saw Kim Serafin on Hardball. No mention on her website. I guess the forecasts aren't that good.

Here is the Chris Matthews is not a conservative moment (anyone who says MSNBC leans right doesn't watch it):

MATTHEWS: I love the way you define issues out there. If you’re not forgiving a guy who is in the country illegally, a driver’s license, you’re a conservative.
SERAFIN: Well, I was saying...
MATTHEWS: That sounds ludicrous to most people. That sounds ludicrous, by the way.

However, on this edition (last Friday), Matthews babbled like I would if I were talking to her:

MATTHEWS: OK. Kim, Kim. It’s great having you on, Kim, on a Friday night. Kim, Thank you very much. Somebody just cut you off.

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