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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

They seems to be little debate about who should be NL ROY: Dontrelle Willis. However, I think it should be Brandon Webb. I'm not just being a homer.

Stat comparison is pretty valid - Willis has 19 starts and Webb has 20. On to the stats!

[This is my first time trying to create an HTML table, so I don't know what the deal is with the huge gap. -Ed.]

Stat Webb Willis Advantage
IP 133 113 Webb
H/IP 0.80 0.91 Webb
WHIP 1.11 1.01 Willis
ERA 2.56 3.18 Webb
K/IP 0.95 0.93 Webb
W 7 11 Willis
RS 4.2 4.8 Willis?
RSNW* 2.3 4.5 Willis**
BAA .217 .243 Webb
QS 17/20 12/19 Webb

Webb is better in every major category except wins, which is due to his poor run support in his non-decisions and losses. This is buttressed by the fact that Webb has 5 more quality starts but 4 fewer wins.

* RSNW = Run support in losses or no-decisions.
** RSNW, like RS, isn't really an advantage as in the pitcher is better in that category, but just shows that pitcher gets better run support, even in losses.

UPDATE: It was pretty self-advertised, but thanks to Dave at Baseball Musings, I have what I think is my first external link.

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