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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

This is my first time blogging from outside. Why am I outside? I have lost a battle with the ant kindgom that is trying to take over my condo.
At first, it was a few ants here and there. I would set out a bait trap or two and they would be gone within a day or two. Usually, they appeared in the bathroom or around the kitchen sink.
However, they soon discovered the pantry. Any unopened food was safe and again the baits got rid of them.
Suddenly, the ants made serious advances. In addition to being in the kitchen and bathroom, I found them in my bedroom and living room (those are all of my my 4 rooms).
I bought a lot of baits and they seemed to go away again. I thoroughly cleaned every inch of my place before setting out on vacation, with fresh baits in their favorite spots.
Alas, upon my return they had moved back in, regardless of the baits. I decided to do what I had been avoiding: spray with poison. I bought Raid Ant Killer and sprayed well in their favorite spots. Of course, they went away for a while. I really thought I had finally won the war. Boy was I wrong.

This morning I ate Reese's Puffs for breakfast. As has become habit, I inspected for ants -- there were none in the box or in my bowl. This inspection is in addition to my daily inspection of their favorite spots.
For lunch, I made burritos. The can of beans and tortillas (stored in the fridge) neither required nor needed ant inspection. Still no issues. I went shopping down south and didn't need to inspect anything else today.
That is, until dinner. I thought I would make up some angel hair pasta with Ragu. I had two new packets of spaghetti in the top shelf of my pantry. These were fully sealed (never opened) and I had rarely seen ants in the pantry, let alone the top shelf, let alone near/on unopened items. When I lifted the package, it was like the episode of Sprockets where they turn over the dead body and it is covered with ants (the 9/29/90 episode).
I got a chair for a better view and saw that, indeed, the entire top shelf was quite full of ants. There were no (zip, zilch) opened food containers up there. Apparently, they had created a hole in the pasta package and that was enough to feed several colonies (I have seen about 20 queens throughout the war -- I know because they are always carrying zillions of eggs). I probably overreacted, but I took everything out of the pantry, threw away anything with an ant on it and nuked the pantry. I have a bunch of food sitting on the counter with baits around it and the kitchen reeks of poison. Since my condo is so small, that is why I am outside.

I am by no means under the illusion that I have won. There are still problems:
1) Ants come back, typically within five days, stronger than ever.
2) My pantry is now infested with ant poison. That can't be a very good place to store food.
3) The ants are likely to find a new favorite hiding place.
4) I just read that spraying may lead to "budding," in which the ants at home are confused by the death of the workers and split off new colonies to explore.
5) I am pretty sure I will eventually resort to professional help, both for the infestation and for the deep hatred I have of ants.

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