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Monday, September 01, 2003

Closer Usage
Today, the Diamondbacks were in a 0-0 game going into the 9th. They had just pinch-hit for Schilling and had the meat of the order up in the bottom of the inning. Rather than bringing in a closer or setup man, Brenly used Villareal, who loaded the bases. Now Bonds is up, so surely you go to your closer. Nope, Myers. Bonds singled, 2-0. Only now did Brenly use Valverde, who struck out the next two hitters.
The 2-0 lead allows Alou to use his closer, who retires the D-Backs 1-2-3.

I just can't help thinking that no manager I've seen in MLB correctly uses the bullpen. Use your best pitchers in the most important situations, be it down by 1 with the bases loaded in the 6th or tied in the 9th. To only use a closer when ahead by 3 runs or less in the 9th is idiotic.

4 back and fading.

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