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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

For the first time (?), I will reprint a Firing Line letter in its entirety (emphasis added):

I'm a Pepper
I understand that many people are upset about Taco Bell's (apparent) association with slave-like labor conditions. I'm not going to take sides on that.

But I do have issue with demanding the removal of the Taco Bell franchise from the Union. If they go away, then Wendy's will be the only food service that has Dr Pepper. It's bad enough that there are only two in the Union right now, but for Bevo's sake, please don't remove one and allow Aramark to place yet another overpriced, crappy, not-open-nearly-enough-hours, Mr. Pibb-slinging atrocity in the Union.

Come on, this is Texas. Dr Pepper should be coming out of the drinking fountains. Cut it out, silly protestors.

Richard Crippen
Computer sciences senior

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