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Monday, October 20, 2003

For my interview lunch today, the firm took be to Chaucer's. Imagine an old English theme mixed with Japanese symbols and a mafia-like air.
The first named partner ordered enchiladas. Rather than salsa, they brought tobasco.
I had the sushi combination plate -- 3/6 were good.
I really think they weren't used to serving food.

Continuing my food day, I had Taco Bell Express at the airport.
Apparently, at TBE, Nachos Supreme are made with the broken chips (old style, not the new crispy ones) and topped with poorly melted "real" cheese (not nacho cheese).
Also, I still don't know the which is which between a chalupa and a gordita. I always seem to get the opposite of the one I want. Maybe it is TBE that's confused.

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