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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Here are my thoughts on the Kings-Cavs game tonight:

1. Good Shooting: He was 12/20, with wild 3s at the end of each half (so really 12/18 for 67%). Contrast this to the 4/15 that his fellow rookies are pumping out.
2. Assists: 9 is a lot for a team that can't shoot. I think he was trying to pad that stat with a few passes when he should have shot, but overall he simply wasn't a ball hog.
3. Turnovers: This was the most impressive stat. Just 2, one questionable charge and one off Boozer's hands. Both of them might be classified as the "caught in the air" variety, common for all players, especially rookies.
4. Attitude: He didn't complain much when calls went against him, and didn't seem to let the crowd get to him.

I saw him play last year (Celtics at Rockets) and knew he could shoot. That could be a huge edition for them.

As long as he is hucking up shots and not playing defense, the Cavs will continue to lose.

Yeah, I don't care how to spell it. This guy is an all-star center? I guess Miller was, too, but he at least showed some ability to get rebounds.

I was discussing his stats with a friend in class the other day. I pointed out his 17/8 the year before going to the Kings (while on a horrible Grizzlies team). He is now around 13/5, which is pretty run of the mill. However, how many other PGs shot 47% last year? Also, I saw a lot of: Bibby drives, draws the double, kicks it out, pass, pass, shot (no assist).
I also think the King's use of him is pretty poor. A lot of standing around the 3-point line, clogged up middle, and few picks (nevermind 'n-rolls).

I think this was a good pickup. The Kings are already stacked, and this is really just an upgrade from Kato. Losing Pollard doesn't matter, but Jim Jackson might end up hurting SF/SG depth.

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