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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Damn Dinner
I was eating (HEB pre-marinated chicken breasts, yummy) during CNN's Rock the Vote Debate. I would say that nearly every candidate had me rolling on the floor with some comments, mostly when they talked about something 100% unrelated to the question at hand.
However, I was SCHOCKED to find that I actually agree with Kucinich (I think I finally spelled it right) on legalization of pot. I guess this is my most libertarian position, so maybe it's not that shocking.

I thought the answers to "Have you smoked pot?" (Have you broken the law?) were interesting:
Kucinich: No, but I am for legallizing it.
Sharpton: No, the church is against it [but abortions for all!].
Kerry: Yes.
Lieberman: With all due apologies, no.
Braun: I'm not going to answer.
Edwards: Yes [I think, his response was muffled by applause].
Clark: No.
Dean: Yes.
Gephardt: [I forget if he was even there. If so, he sure didn't talk much.]

I also recall (this is all off the top of my head, so some of it may be inaccurate) that DK had a 5-step plan for restoring jobs:
1. Pull out of the war [I assume so we can use war money for domestic programs like the WPA. Also not sure -- as 99.8% of experts agree -- if pulling out of Iraq is good, regardless of whether we should have gone in.].
2. Cut the defense budget 15% and use that money for pre-kindergarten [I guess that would lead to more kindergarten teachers, but would also cost defense jobs. Also not sure if this is the time to be cutting the defense budget.].
3. Raise taxes on the top 1% to pay for more college loans [So the wealthy should simply pay to educate other people's children? Also not sure if education has any relation to job growth. In fact, it may have the opposite effect -- low skill jobs going elsewhere as Americans become more skilled.].
4/5. Corporate welfare, new and old [That's right, a Dem advocating corporate welfare. I really have no take on this other than to think that it is up to the communities. I certainly don't think the Federal government should lure jobs from one state to another. Let the market work].

More tidbits:
Someone said that of the 3.5M jobs lost (somehow it went up 600k this weekend, but I thought it went down 57k last month), $2M people (i.e., not just those who lost their jobs, but also their families) lost health insurance. Now I'm no human resources director, but that tells me that means most of the job losses were of the type that don't include health insurance.
Everyone loves gays. I think it was Braun that suggested 25-50% of Americans are gay. I recall that during the recall election, only 4% said they were gay (much less than the typically recited 10%). I'm wondering what power Congress could use to enact a civil unions statute. Commerce (gay marriage is ok for interstate commerce)? Spending (allow civil unions or you don't get highway dollars, which is rationally related because gays drive cars)?
Some questioner asked which other candidate others would like to party with, then went on and on about specifics (they need to be your wingman if you're talking to a hottie, they need to hold your hair back if you're puking, and on and on). Most dodged it. Sharpton said Kerry's wife.

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