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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I can't say I'm happy about this. $1,560!? That's over a 10% increase.

I'm a little confused by the economics. For a given class, there are 75 students each paying $1000 to take it, plus $2000 from other sources (I skipped the forum on where). A professor teaches at least two classes a year. That's $450k, ignoring out-of state. Take away a $200k salary, and that leaves $200k per class for things like electricity, maintenance, the library. Journals and stuff make or lose their own money. That also ignores the $2M in fees that students pay. There are probably costs I'm forgetting, but I think I've been pretty generous with these numbers. I'm wondering if there's any way to see a budget...

I emailed Dean Powers to ask to see at least a rough budget. We'll see the response.

UPDATE: I just got an email, but it was just my message then a signature. On the one hand, I'm impressed by Powers being up at 1:20am responding to annoying 2Ls. On the other hand, I wish there actually was a response.

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