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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Speaking of responses, I haven't gotten a return on either of the job offer emails I sent. At this point, I'll assume they're looking into providing the best answers.

I did get a response from a firm who I'm trying to get reimbursement from. Initially, they asked what shuttle company I used. I said "Super Shuttle" and gave their web address. Somehow, they still don't know the name of the shuttle company, but will try to push it through anyways. JTDC, I should have just taken cabs for $80. Instead, the fucking shuttles cost $40 and they're giving me a hard time? How the hell do they think I got from the airport to the hotel? Magic carpet. You can probably tell that I'm not planning on accepting if they make an offer.

UPDATE: I guess the firm didn't get my initial email (suspect, given that I didn't get a delivery failure email). I guess I'll take their word for it, because I just need the money.

Speaking of which, I talked to another recruiter about two weeks ago about reimbursement and she promised me it would be taken care of as quickly as possible. That was two weeks ago...

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