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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Speaking of sports law, Powe is either stubborn or ignorant.

Several times in class, he said that Los Angeles gets the best NFL games every week since they don't have a local team. By contrast, Austin is stuck with the Cowboys and Texans.
This ignores reality. I get LA FOX and LA CBS via DirecTV, and they get the Rams and Raiders every week. That is, they are just as tied to their old local teams as Austin is to proximate teams. To illustrate the point, LA CBS showed the Raiders and Lions today, not the Dolphins and Colts. I've been watching closely ever since Powe's comments, and know that his assertion is factually incorrect. I'm not sure where he originally got his information, or if he irresponsibly just assumed that his theory was fact, but it was wrong.

The second-to-last time he said this, I called him on it. His response was to change the test and move the bar - the last few years, Rams and Raiders games would have been good.
This was very subtle. First, the test isn't whether local teams are televised (the entire theory and reason for his comment), but is whether the games that are broadcast are any good. Second, the time frame used to determine whether the games are good is arbitrary -- the last few years, Rams/Raiders was good and Cowboys/Texans was bad, but this is not true now. Third, the time-frame shift is coincidentally not too long -- a ten year shift would make Cowboys/Oilers games good, but Rams/Raiders bad.

Even after this debacle of legal teaching and logic in general, he repeated his assertion about a week later. Somehow, this will probably haunt me on the final.

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