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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Tuition Update

I guess Powers made some computer mistake, because I just got the real email. I'll fisk it.

We don't have a public budget summary as such, but our expenses outstrip tuition and fees by about 200%.

"We have no accountability, but trust me."

That is to say that about 2/3 of our budget comes from the State and Alumni.

This is misleading. 2/3 of what they spend comes from State and Alumni. If those revenues go down, spending can too.

We have been able to keep tuition down mainly because the market has done so well.

This is also misleading. During the tech boom, tuition rose from $4,800 (1995) to $8,000 (2000). Anyways, I fail to see a concrete connection. Is it because alumni give less? Because the state gives less?

Even so, and even after the proposed increases, we will be the cheapest law school of the 17 peers we compare ourselves with.

"Quit your bitching." Cheapest doesn't mean much if it is just barely such. At any rate, UT was once $8k per year and is now $14k per year. I don't know of any other school whose tuition has almost doubled in the last couple years.

UCLA's in-state tuition is a little over $17k.
Berkeley is a little over $16k.
One more $2k increase and UT won't be "cheapest" for long.

And we will still have the lowest budget per student by a long shot.

I guess this is how we remain "cheapest." There is no evidence that spending on students has similarly increased twofold, or that costs have increased twofold. Then why has tuition increased that much? If I'm paying more, shouldn't I be getting more? Other than the teachers and the building (library), do they give me anything? I pay for supplies, books, endless supplements from their monopolistic copy center, and external legal supplements due to the "teaching" (i.e., something that actually teaches me the law). Why not end the charade and start selling the diplomas for $50k?

I went over all of this with the SBA and at an open forum with the student body as a whole.

"You should know this already." I'm sorry if it was amongst the 200 daily SBA emails that I delete. There is also no date for me to check to see if this is honest (I think it is true, but I recall some 1L orientation thing where they told us to make sure to donate because it keeps tuition down - I suspect he is talking about something similar).

Any way you slice it, any future contributing I would do to UT just went down $1,560.
For more information, look here.

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