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Friday, November 14, 2003

I have a $2k scholarship from the school, paid $1k/semester. The only catch is that I have to write a letter each year thanking the donor(s).
This year, I was a little lazy and didn't write the thank-you until around 10/1. I should have had my check within a week.
In fact, the check was written on 10/8 (that's what CA$H says). Now a month later, I still haven't received it. WFT? After 6 calls to the FAO, I finally got a voicemail returned.
Apparently, the check was never sent out since I had a financial bar. I've already paid tuition, and never check anything out from the library, so what could it be? Ah-ha, the Examsoft license fee. That appeared to explain it.

Problem: The fee didn't show up until 11/7. I find it hard to believe that they didn't send the check because they knew a bar would appear in a month.
Irony: They didn't send me money because I owed money. Where do they think I get the money to pay for things like license fees? How about sending me a check for $970?

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