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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Here are some comments from a Dean blog:

We still need a health care system.

...on a thug scale of 1 - 10, he was hardly a 10.

I was worried that BushCo would pull this off closer to the election.

Now that US troops in Iraq have punctuated the Regime Change in Iraq with the capture of Saddam Hussein the Dean Troops can work on Regime Change *here* so that 10,000 people don't have to die to depose the next dictator who doesn't serve our ends anymore.

Is the world better off? We have to wait and see.

If Gore had been elected, 9/11 -would never have happened-, because they would have gone after Al Qaeda in January 2001.

We invaded Iraq for control of the oil reserves.

I think it is shameful that the ACLU has not commented on the obvious mistreatment Hussein has suffered at the hands of the American military.

The ACLU and UN need to get involved because we are HUMILIATING SADDAM for political gain!

Forget Saddam, he's small potatoes compared to Bush.

This was an unjustified war- if anything, we should be apologizing to Saddam and giving him his $700,000 back.

Now more than ever we need Dean as President. He would pardon Saddam, the right thing to do.

To be fair, there is a lot of "I'm glad Saddam is captured, BUT..."
Also, I'm not sure how many of those are trolls trying to make the Dean-ers look bad.

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