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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Home Improvement Update

Today I did easy stuff.
First, I found a bunch of holes around a window and spacled them.
Next, I went to Home Depot to buy stuff that I installed immediately: air filters, a cover for my kitchen light, chains for my kitchen and bedroom fans, caulk, caulk gun, and anti-caulk for the tub, and a paintbrush. I hoped I could get Cotton Tail paint, but apparently Behr paint is all custom mixed. Also, I found other Behr swatches which were explicitly labeled as indoor. I'm not sure if the ones I got yesterday were outdoor, but I'm not taking any chances. I also found some Glidden swatches. The problem is that there are many possible matches and I'll need to get a few opinions.

I immediately installed the easy stuff (chains, bulb, filters). Along with the filter, I got an air freshener that gets circulated throughout the house. We'll see how long until I get sick of it or used to it.

I haven't used the anti-caulk yet because I want to take a shower at some point tomorrow, and the new caulk needs 24 hours to set. I didn't ask any Crank Yankers-type caulk questions (I'm sure you know more about caulk than I do, Do you have a bigger caulk, etc.), although I was tempted.

I haven't bought any yet, but I attempted to dismantle my interior doorknobs. The walk-in closet was definitely broken as the center part doesn't go back and forth. The bathroom is stripped, so I need to get a clamp or something to get it off, but I think it is also broken. The other bedroom ones are fine enough that I won't mess with them now.

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