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Friday, December 26, 2003

I'm horrible at home improvement.
Last week, I installed new weather stripping. It's now coming undone. I guess I need to prep the surface better. I also need to buy thicker stuff.
I also spackled in all the nail holes the previous owners left. However, now there are white spots scattered throughout the house, and I have no idea what color my walls are. Eggshell?
Today, I replaced my kitchen outlets with GFCIs. I had done the bathroom about a year ago, so this should be easy. The first one was easy. Took about 15 minutes. However, the next one has been a hassle. There are five wires instead of three, and no combination seems to work. I think the outlet itself might be the problem. The worst part is that it has five wires because that current goes on to control most of the lighting in my place. Thus, until I fix it, I live in darkness. There is also no light with which to fix it at night.

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