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Thursday, December 04, 2003

New Curve?
Rumor is that UTLS just changed the curve.

Old: 25% A, 50% B, 20% C, 5% other.
New: 40% A, 50% B, 10% C, 0% other.

I'm still tring to figure out what kind of impact this will have on all students, past, present, and future (other than erosion of standards).
Allegedly, it was done so that UT's grades are more comparable with the top law schools. That's difficult because most top law schools don't have grades. If anything, this will only confuse firms that have long based cutoffs for UT students on a certain GPA. I guess now they'll only go by class rank, but that number isn't available to students to put on resumes.
Thus, I wonder what the real reason for the change is.
I hear that at some point it was common for 1/3 of the class to fail out.

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