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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Political quizzes are always horrible, and here is another.
11. In the long run, do you think we can reduce crime more by building more prisons or providing more financial assistance to rebuilding our inner cities?
Build prisons
Rebuild cities

How about neither?

I got a 36 (between Dole and Reagan in conservativeness).

Here is another.
Do you think the Ten Commandments should be allowed to hang on the walls of federal buildings, such as in courthouses and public schools?
No! Don't those fundamentalist fanatics have anything better to do than attempt to indoctrinate others?
Yes! The United States was founded as a Christian nation and still is one, no matter how much these godless humanists wish otherwise.
Yes, but only if they are included in a display with other documents from our history.
No. Religion is a matter of personal choice.
I don't care / no opinion

I got 2 ticks to the left of center ("liberal").

Just to round it out, here I am a libertarian.

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