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Monday, December 29, 2003

Product Reviews!

1. Swiffer Wet Jet
Application: All floors except bedroom, including wood living room and saltillo everything else.
Older Method: Regular sponge mop and bucket of Pine-Sol solution.
Old Method (after sponge replacement resulted in missizing): Regular sponge (sans mop) and bucket of Pine-Sol solution.
Price: ~$19
Result: WOW. I will immediately throw away my old sponge mop.
At first I thought it wouldn't be that much easier, but it is like rotary to touch tone phone.
I'm no environmentalist, but I also didn't want to fill up a landfill with mop heads. However, the small amount of solution used is probably better for the environment than a few gallons of dirty Pine-Sol solution, and the head is not too much more mass than a periodic mop head.

2. Comet Lemon with Bleach
Application: Bathtub.
Old Method: Orange 409 and a scouring sponge. Periodically followed by fluoride toothpaste (to attack the calcium sulfide).
Price: $0.75 + $1.49 for scouring brush
Result: WOW. I had to use a good amount and some elbow grease due to the 1.5+ year buildup, but it worked great. The tub is 100% white.
I'm not sure why I messed around with the ineffective old method for so long, but I'm glad I decided to experiment.

3. Wendy's Wild Mountain Chicken
Application: Lunch.
Price: $3.56 including tax
Result: Not great. I really like the regular chicken sandwich, so I was expecting adding a good sauce, pepper jack cheese, and bacon could only improve it. Everything seemed to taste the same. I think they might have done better to add a mild ranch sauce to let the chicken and cheese elicit taste. Would not try again, even not the burger version.
660 calories! 31 grams of fat!

4. I bought #1 and #2 at Target.
I didn't plan on it, but a carton (32 oz) of Goldfish, too. I saw the price was only $2.99, but upon closer inspection that price tag was for Ozarka water. Seeing no price for the fish, I took it to a handy scanner (every store should have those), and to my surprise it was only $2.88 ($0.09/oz). Typically, a small bag (7.2 oz) is $2 ($0.28/oz) on sale. Nice deal.
While I was at it, I got a bag of almond M&Ms for $1.24 (typically $2.50).
Additionally, I needed help a few times and everyone in the store was very friendly. I think they are really making a push to be different than Wal-Mart.

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