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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Home Improvement Update

I haven't updated in a while since Saturday's, um, mishap. As I was fiddling with my new light fixture, I was putting stuff on top of the cabinet above which the new light was going. This included things like a hammer, a cordless screwdriver, light bulbs, the fixture itself. Also, the cabinet had stuff like towels in it. Apparently that was too much for the five unanchored screws drilled directly into the drywall. Yep, no anchors, no stud. The cabinet fell right on the toilet. Luckily, there were no cracks or fractures (that I can see), but there is a big paint mark on the top of the toilet and a small dent on the top of the seat.
The previous owners was either a retard or screwed me (NPI). I prefer to think the former. Amazingly, the bulbs didn't break and all work. Way to go, Philips. However, the fixture's facade is quite dented and I've lost some materials.
Thus far today I've removed the old screws from the cabinet and prepared the wiring. I'm off to Home Depot to buy the same fixture (~$8) and some good anchors.

Update: I'm back from HD and hella good anchors and a new light fixture. Wiring and everything was easy and it looks ok. I'd like to paint the wire the same color as the wall, but painting is well down the line. Once the cabinet is back in, I don't think it will be that noticeable.

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