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Monday, January 05, 2004

I can't say I'm happy about the Suns-Knicks trade.
To begin with, Steph is one of the best PGs in the NBA and a franchise player. To trade him, you need to at least get an all-star in return.
Next, McDyess has already proven that he doesn't want to be in Phx when he left for the Nuggets a few years ago. Ward and McDyess are both in the last year of their contracts, so the Suns essentially get nothing in return. Even assuming McDyess does resign, I don't think the Suns needed another 8 PPG, 7 RPG guy clogging up the middle.
This does give the Suns tons of cap room. I can't think of a player on the roster that is stuck in long-term, high-paying, and unworthy salary after this season. Outlaw is gone, now Penny, and this is Gugs's last year. All that is left will be Marion, Amare, and the rookies. This tank job might make sense if Kareem was a senior at UCLA (although the Suns would somehow lose out on that and have to draft Neal Walk -- same goes for David Robinson and Armon Gilliam), but as far as I know there is no outstanding college or HS player out there worthy of tanking a franchise. The best I can think of is Okeafor, but he's maybe like a Ben Wallace. Certainly there is no one who will contribute like Marbury any time soon.

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