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Monday, February 23, 2004

I played live poker for the first time in several months last night. Perhaps it was my practice, or the others' lack of practice, but I cleaned up. Something else that throws off any causality is that I've had nights like that before among this group.

Best Hand: Holding Ah 5h, raise (thus doubling the big blind) and only get one call. Flop comes As Th 8h. Bet and called. Turn is 8c. Bet and called. River is 4h (nut flush). Bet and raised, so reraise and rereraised, so reraised and called. Flush beat three 8s. I had been counting on the aces with the flush draw, so I think it was well-played rather than lucky.

Runner Up: Holding 2s 5h in big blind, check to see the flop. Flop comes 2h 2c Td. Checked to me, bet and called. Turn is __. Bet and called. River is __. Checked to me, bet and raised over the top. I reraised and he goes all in (pot limit). Three 2s beat the top 2 pair.

No horrible beats, which is what I try to stay away from.

UPDATE: I almost forgot about 7-stud where I had pocket fours, then showed 10, 2, 2, 4. There were already two other twos and three other tens on the board, so there was no way to suspect I had a hidden boat. I think I beat a straight who bet heavily into me.

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