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Sunday, February 15, 2004

The snowman that I built with my neighbor is still standing. I think it is partly due to the building technique (maybe I can get a patent). No snow gathered on the ground, but it did accumulate on cars. We used a squeegee to get snow off the windows of about 15 cars and gathered it on a towel. We then formed an enormous cylinder by tightly packing the snow. This thing was solid. Then we used the squeegee and a shovel to carve out what appeared to be three balls (like a traditional snowman) and the face. The thing was only like 2.5 feet high, but it took around three hours to complete, so we were feeling good.
We heard that there were huge ones across the street at the church, and sure enough they were like 5 feet. However, these builders had used the traditional roll a ball on the ground method, so their balls were irregularly shaped and 2/3 dead grass and mud. At that point, ours was only aesthetically better.
Flash forward to yesterday (the next day). Our snowman was still there, almost 100% as tall and wide as the night before. The church ones were, um, small brown balls not resembling a snowman at all.
Flash forward to today. Our snowman is still there, but just about 50% of his normal self. The church ones are gone.

Thus, I think that this new technique is great. The snowman looks pure white its entire lifespan, and that lifespan is at least a day longer than the traditional method (100%+ increase).

I took pictures with my new phone, but can't get any of the "Vision" (online) functions to work.

AnalPundit has some pictures of Ft. Worth, which apparently was harder hit than Austin.

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