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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Speaking of my phone, I've been spending money like Bush lately.
My old phone functionally died (started acting like the defective one I originally got then exchanged), so I got this one ($300). Spring made me re-up for another 2 years, but I've been fairly satisfied thus far. People always complain about dropped calls and stuff, but I've yet to hear someone get screwed over on their bill. I really think that is the #1 thing I look for in a phone provider. Also, I got to keep my old plan (450 anytime, 8:00 nights for $30/mo) that beats everyone by far.
I bought a plane ticket to Vegas for spring break ($250). The return flight is a "redeye," departing LV ~12:00am and arriving in Austin ~4:30am. I didn't know these really existed, but they do and they are $100+ cheaper than normal. My older brother is coming in for SXSW encompasing the time I'll be gone, so I don't need to pay for airport parking, saving another $30.
I sent in money for UT eye "insurance" because I can't see anymore. This will soon run me about $400 for exam, contacts (I hate glasses), and new lenses, and even more if I have some kind of school-induced degenerative disorder.
My desktop is running good, but my old CD burner was also dead. It was quite old, so maybe it was just age. New one ($70) is 52x, even though I've only been able to burn as fast as 40x. I've networked the desktop with my laptop and secured the router as best I could (no SSID broadcast, 128 bit encryption, only allow my MAC addresses). This is good for backing up school work, which I should probably burn at some point.
I've been cooking myself more, and after the oven fire incident, decided I needed a grill. I got a standup George Foreman for $75 (retail $150). I've been making a bunch of chicken and fish, and even some burgers. I would guess that it has paid for itself in my not going to Wendy's as often.
This all came on the heels of a new semester, which required books and supplies in addition to tuition and fees.
Thus, I think I'm going to get some more financial aid. No need to live like a pauper when money only costs 2%. Plus, it's not like I've been wasting money on things like video games (still have Genesis) or DVDs (don't have a non-computer player).

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