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Monday, February 23, 2004

The first game was pretty good, but I have a few observations.

1. Ambiance. They constantly play loud bad music. The crowd was pretty quiet until the 4th quarter, but there was no way to be louder than the PA. The worst example was when they would play a recorded "DEFENSE . . . DEFENSE . . ." and then shut it off to "defense . . . defense . . ." (really quiet by comparison). I can't blame the crowd for not getting that into it. After all, what does a 14-7 lead in the 1st quarter mean?

2. Good. The Wranglers don't look like an expansion team. They are now 2-0, having beat the two best teams in the league. I think part of this is Kaleo, but everyone played pretty well.

3. Coaching ineptitude. My friend remarked that our coach looks like Andy Reid. He does, indeed. See Skip vs. Andy. Then I said I hope he doesn't coach like him. Well, sure enough he does.
The Wranglers had the ball 1st down on the TB 5 with <1:00 to go in the 4th up by 1. Run out the clock? Run some time off the clock? No, score immediately, leaving about a minute for TB to go down and tie the game with a 2 point conversion (which they had already successfully completed). Sure enough, TB easily marched down the the AUS 9 yard line and had 4 cracks at the end zone with 20 seconds left. Luckily, they didn't convert, but I wish they had to teach Skip a lesson in coaching fundamentals.

4. Free pizza. When the Wranglers score 50 or more points, everyone gets a free medium cheese pizza from Papa John's. I haven't checked whether this is buy one get one free or something like that, but this could easily make the cost of the ticket moot - $6 ticket for $6 in free pizza.
This somewhat relates to #3, as my friend pointed out that maybe Skip wanted to get everyone free pizza (we were up 49-48). I don't buy it. We could have easily sat on the ball for three plays, then kicked a chip shot field goal (our kicker looked really good).

5. Squatters. When we got to our seats (about 20 minutes before kickoff), there were squatters there. We kicked them out and took our seats. The kids to our right were also squatters who got kicked out. This was all well before the game even started. What ever happened to moving down if there were open seats?
I think this is becoming more rampant, as the last Icebats game I went to had the exact same issue, except that more people were displaced and just took nearby seats. Once everyone had arrived, there was a shuffle worthy of one of those puzzle games with one piece missing.
My final example was a recent flight where the same thing as the hockey game took place. People wanted to sit on the wing or whatever, so just decided they could commandeer a seat on a full flight. Others took a nearby seat, people didn't speak English and didn't understand the concept of assigned seats, etc.
Is this just disrespect for the rules? Ignorance? Whatever the cause, it needs to stop.

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