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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

3-2-1 Contacts (cont...) [aka Sears Optical Sucks]
My eye exam was last Friday. As far as I can tell, I was supposed to get training (how to take them in and out, etc.) and take a trial pair home that day. Instead, the glasses place kept that pair and ordered a year's supply of contacts. Apparently, I would get my training when they came in. The more I thought about this, the more pissed I got. Not only was I stuck with bad vision for an extra 5 days, but that forced me to order through them.
The glasses place told me that they would call me when the contacts came in, and we would do the training then (probably Monday or Tuesday). No call Monday. No call Tuesday. Since they are nearly impossible to reach via phone, I drove there and asked if they were in. Sure enough, they were. However, the guy was "busy" (no customers in the store) and couldn't do it. He then told me that I missed my 12:00 Monday appointment. Huh? I sure know I didn't schedule that since I have class at 12:30. I scheduled 10:00 today.
So I roll in at 10:00 and am ready to start training. The lady gets out my contacts and then some other guy comes in with broken glasses. She says it won't take long to fix them, so she will do that first. Well, she sits there and bullshits with him, mostly complaining about how her hours have been cut, and if takes about 25 minutes. Now we can get started with some training.
The training is basically "Try to put these in your eyes." First of all, that isn't training at all, but common sense. Second, I could have been doing that while she was fixing that guy's glasses. Third, she didn't even supervise the attempts (buttressing the previous comment). The glasses place lady helped other assorted customers, who all had a comment as they saw me poking my eye and such.
The first eye took me several (~20) tries. I even dropped it on the floor a couple times. I eventually got it and moved on to the other eye, which took fewer (~5) attempts. At this point, it was like 10:45. Once the secretary/assistant from the adjacent doctor's office confirmed that they were in (she had wandered over), the glasses place lady said now we'll learn to take them out.
Another customer came in looking for new frames or something, so I sat there for a while again, just hoping that I was almost done. Eventually, glasses place lady tells me to pinch the contact to get it out. More fabulous "training." No problem. Now put them back in. Better, this time only about 3 attempts per eye. Now take them out again. No problem again. Now put them back in. Still about 3 attempts per eye. Now about 11:05 (class at 12:30, and I still have to drive home then walk to school). Done, right?
Not exacly. I still had to order my glasses with the new perscription. I'm not sure how, perhaps just my patience, but the lady sat there and complained about her job, about how her co-worker was lazy and just lived off "Nazi money" (apparently his father was a Holocaust survivor so he gets some reparations), how Capitol One screwed her on debt consolidation, ... Well, I eventually got out at 11:50, just about in time to get home and get to class.
My patience was rewarded, however. She gave me 2 more things of trial size (2 oz.) multi-purpose solutions and a thing of eye drops. Then she said that whenever I need more solution, just drop by on Wednesday since she works alone and can hand it out like Halloween. I'm not sure how much I'll take advantage of this, but it's nice to have in the back pocket as name brand solution runs around $8/12 oz. At the very least, I'll get more when I pick up my glasses.

Side note: While working at Allergan, I knew our stuff was expensive, but damn. B&L's $7 product is $13 for Allergan's equivalent. Some experiments would kill off 2-3 entire bottles of eye drops that run $10. I guess that's kind of cheap in lab terms. Nevermind.

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