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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Apprentice Addendum
A few days ago I said I didn't know why Trump thought picking Amy to re-defect was a bad idea. I caught that part of the episode again on CNBC, and he did say something like "I should just make her the winner right now." However true that may be, would it be better to chose someone else and then lose? If they hadn't chosen Amy, Trump might have lectured them on team-assembly ("Always take the best people, even if you have to steal them from your competitors" or something along those lines).
Incidentally, I think Amy will win. I can't imagine anyone else, except maybe Bill. Nick thinks he's in the driver's seat, but he isn't even a good salesman, which is his alleged profession. Katrina is another one who isn't even good at her profession (she obviously gets by on her looks, as did Ereka). Heidi is too coarse. I'm not sure about Kwame and Troy. They've been coasting while other people blow themselves up. Troy has a lot of good ideas, but I think other people might not have them only because they're unethical (not sure if Trump cares).

I've seen Omorosa on some talk shows recently, and no one is asking tough questions. How about "Why did you play basketball with those kids if your head hurt?"

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