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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Tonight I talked to one of my friends in Portland who used to live in Austin. We recalled that when he left he still had some time left on his lease and wanted to avoid the early termination penalty. Thus, he gave me his key to turn in on the last day of the lease. He also left me some goodies in the apartment to take if I wanted them:

  • a futon mattress (still have and use)

  • 2 folding tables (at a friend's house)

  • Skillet Sensations (eaten)

  • a few cans of Mountain Dew (drunken)

  • a couple Power Bars (eaten)

After compiling the list together, we figured out that it was ~3.5 years ago. I'd like to think that my memory is as good as it used to be and that this was proof, but I think that a better explanation is that we both remember it well because (allow me to be a little sappy here) it was the last time we lived in the same city after spending almost all day every day together for five years.

Anyways, he's doing good up there, but having trouble finding a house (tight market). Relatedly, tomorrow I'll ask my real estate professor if there's a way to get around a jumbo loan (e.g., two smaller loans).

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