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Monday, March 22, 2004

Botched Greed
At NYNY, there is a fish and chips place in Greenwich Village called "(The Original) Fulton Fish Fry." I wanted fish and chips and a drink. Individually priced, fish and chips is $7.95. A drink is $1.95. Cole slaw is $1.50. Creating a combo meal by adding cole slaw and a drink is only $1.75. I ordered the combo.
The cashier informed me that they were out of cole slaw. This was annoying, but the drink would be cheaper if still part of a combo. I asked if I could substitute hush puppies (also $1.50), and she said "no substitutions."
When I got my food, I asked for ketchup for the fries. They were out of that, too. I asked if I could get some cocktail sauce instead, and again I was told "no substitutions."
I guess it's possible that they ran out of both cole slaw and ketchup, but I think that not allowing substitutions for items they did have was yet another "Fuck you, customer."

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