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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

As I decide what to take next semester, I think that it's pathetic that a school the size of UT is only offering one IP class, and it is an intro that almost every interested non-1L has already taken. I feel badly for those who were duped into coming here Brian Leiter's EQR rankings, especially for the IP specialty (as I recall, UT was no lower than 7th). Wow, I just went to his site and it appears that the IP specialty rankings have been removed entirely. Perhaps he no longer feels good about lying about UT's place in them. Better late than never.
Seriously, though. How can one of the largest law schools in the country in one of three technology meccas (with SF and DC) not have one full-time IP professor? Appalling. I think this is made worse by the fact that UT has recently brought in some ConLaw profs. No offense, and it is a subject that I like, but only a handfull of students will ever do anything related to ConLaw. Why make it 1/4 of the curriculum? Bah.

At least I get to take more Grags next semester.

UPDATE: I was looking at my chart and my Real Estate Development prof asked what I was doing. He went to UT too, so I asked him what he thought. He agreed with my theories on the surplus of ConLaw professors. He also said that adjuncts were cut because some (which the administration wouldn't identify) missed too many classes due to missed flights from Dallas and Houston. Yep, not enough Austin/San Antonio lawyers.

I also emailed some lawyers at the firms I'll be at this summer. Pretty much got a universal "Take BA," but I've heard bad things about both the professors.

Thus, here is my current plan:
Federal Income Tax
Real Estate Transactions
Advanced Legal Writing: Transactions

Spring Semester:
Trademark (hopefully)

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