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Thursday, March 11, 2004

My friend Christian's band is starting to hit its stride. Last Friday was the CD release party, and now they are playing at during (?) SXSW.
Also, their new bassist (think drummers in Spinal Tap) is a keeper, which should help out immensely.

Here's more from the Daily Texan:
When The Good Looks played to a packed Hole in the Wall last weekend, the force of excited showgoers caused seated onlookers to abandon the Las Vegas-style dinner theater setup for a standing view. With amped-up antics, danceable grooves, raunchy guitar licks and relentless hand-clapping, The Good Looks showcased their explosive brand of diverse rock music that refuses to be pingeonholed into any particular genre of style. Set to blast on March 6, "Let the Needle Drop" is TGL's debut aural A-bomb that is destined to catapult them into the very best of Austin's rock elite...

[Sorry, no link.]

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