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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Fantasy Baseball
I had the draft for my keeper league today. Here's how my lineup shakes out (recall that this is a pseudo-keeper league with 15 teams):

C Piazza
1B Durazo (or LaRoche if he pans out or Conine just in case)
2B Soriano
SS Greene (or Guzman if he's a bust)
3B Mueller

OF ManRam
OF Biggio
OF Alou
DH Mora
other OF: Larry Walker, Chone Figgins (yes, I know I'm weak here, but Walker, and maybe Mora, can put up numbers when healthy, Chone could bust out, and Alou/Biggs are solid)

SP Wood
SP Livan
SP Lawrence
SP Clement
SP Ishii

RP Izzy
RP Borowski
RP Nathan
RP Kolb
RP Worrell (if Wagner gets hurt)

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