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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

My glasses were supposed to be ready, so I went to pick them up. Sears opens at 9:30, so I got there at 9:45. There was a little sign that said they would be back at 10:15. Just long enough that it would waste my time, but not long enough to go home and get anything done.
To kill time, I walked over to HEB for a doughnut and Dr. B (only $0.50 for 20 oz. -- tastes like every other fake Dr Pepper).
When I got back at 10:15, there was still no one to be found, but the sign was gone. I killed time by looking at glasses accessories, and heard something in the back. I wandered back there to see glasses place lady eating breakfast burritos.
I told her I needed my glasses and she looked confused. Obviously, she didn't remember our "contacts training" or her promise of free solution. Despite that, she got the glasses out and started bitching about how they cut her hours.
Eventually, I was able to get the glasses for inspection. The first thing I looked for was what bothered me as much as the old prescription: glare. While I had paid $40 for ARC, there was still glare. She said she would send them back to be redone in a week or so (I guess too busy eating before then).
So, to summarize: I wasted half an hour to waste five minutes to listen to her complain before getting improperly done glasses and no contact solution. Great job, Sears.

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