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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Good Site for Kids
Via the Daily Texan:

Texas Railroad Commission for Kids

The most disturbing aspect of this site is the opening image, which portrays a school and a home featuring an oil derrick, an armadillo barbequing and a bulldozer running around.

Head over to railroad camp where you can enjoy some marshmallows with friends and watch a large dragline machine mine for coal. Cozy up to the fire and listen to Marti the mockingbird talk about the different types of "Abandoned Mine and Reclamation projects." Wow, nothing says "great field trip" like taking some kids to reclaim an old uranium or lignite mine in West Texas.

There is even an "Ask the Commissioner" section for those inquisitive kids who might wonder why they put an oil derrick and railroad so close to the school, or about the ethics of commissioners accepting campaign funds from business they are supposed to regulate.

There are some things with which I disagree:
I don't find the opening image disturbing, at least not in this way.
Uranium isn't mined in the typical sense.
There are regulations about how close derricks can be to schools.

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