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Thursday, March 11, 2004 Sucks
In another case of shitty business, I ordered a toner cartridge from Inkjets99. No where on the page does it say "OEM" or "refurbished" or "remanufactured." However, it also doesn't say "Samsung." Thus, with my order I explicitly stated that I only agreed to purchase a new cartridge, not OEM or refurbished. The package arrived and, sure enough, it is refurbished. How can I tell? The box is makeshift and the cartridge bag is ripped. Worst of all, the roller has some stains on it that transfer to the paper.

The page now says "remanufactured," but this is a direct copy from my confirmation email, showing that they have recently fixed it:
Compatible Samsung ML ML-1210D3/XAR 1 47.99
1200 Series/ML
1210/1250/1430 Toner
Cartridge (3,000 Yield)

The word "compatible" was suspicious, which is why I added the disclaimer in the first place.

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