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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Live Hold 'Em Tourny
As the title suggests, tonight I played in a live tournament. I wasn't able to use Helmuth's method as I didn't get anything suited or above 8 on 99% of the hands. I managed to bluff a few pots to stay alive, but I never had anything that I could jam the pot with.

On my last hand, I had 3100 in chips. The blinds were 500-1000, and I was in 1st position. I had A-2 offsuit, and the flop came 4-6-K. The big blind was the only other player and he checked. Down to 2100 with the big blind coming the next hand, I went all in. He called with pocket 4-4. Game over.

Result: 17th out of 37 players. I'm somewhat satisfied since I didn't get a single hand all night and still managed to beat half the players who are roughly my skill level.

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