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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sprint PCS
I haven't received my refund because either Radio Shak or Sprint messed up. Apparently, that refund was only available in the last quarter of 2003. I wonder, then, why they offered and even advertised it in February, two months after expiration.
Well, I called up *2 and they sent me to a minute-using number, where I had to hunt around for about 8 minutes until getting the "talk to a person" option (and even then I had to go through two "Are you sure you want to talk to a person?" options). I briefly explained that I relied on the rebate when making the purchase (I didn't mention promissory estoppel), and that either they would have to send me the rebate or undo the transaction altogether. I also offered to reach a compromise that would be the equivalent of the rebate (e.g., free service for 6 months). After putting me on hold, I am going to get the original rebate. I'll believe it when I see it.

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