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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I just did my 2003 taxes. I made $300 too much to get the Earned Income Credit (if single, AGI must be below $11,230), so I get $2,796 less back. They surely couldn't give me $2,496. I hate the IRS. Income tax is unconscionable and unconstitutional (despite the 16th Amendment). We need mass civil disobedience. Starving the government is the only way to keep it lean.
Oh well. Next year I should get about $10k back if they tax me at the maximum rate and I don't claim any withholding exemptions. Yes, that will amount to rougly 3% tax rate (tax/total income). Eat me, IRS.

Now on to the FAFSA, where my money will me used to make me a loan.

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