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Saturday, March 27, 2004

I know everyone wants to know how I'm doing. Answer: Poorly.
However, I do have 2/2 Final 4 teams thus far and a chance for another 1/2, and both championship teams are still alive. If everything goes well, I might make it up to the 50th percentile in my pool.

Just like the BCS, if you don't win your conference, you don't deserve a #1 seed. OSU proved that tonight. Duke, Stanford, and UK were all champions of their conference tournament, so I don't care that 2/3 didn't make the Sweet 16.

Is it just me, or is this the worst tournament ever? Very little drama (big shots, pressure free throws, etc.) and very few upsets. Ugh.

Also, check out the Great 8 teams' conferences (out of how many in the tournament, although these may be off):
2/2 A-10
2/6 ACC
2/4 Big 12 (both still alive, after having 3 Final 4 teams last year)
1/6 Big East
1/2 WAC
0/6 C-USA
0/3 Pac 10
0/3 Big 10

Sure, stuff happens in the tournament, but I wonder why the Big 12 isn't considered, hands down, the best basketball conference. Perhaps CU, MU, and, shudder, OU, should have made it in.
Additionally, the Big 10's seedings were way too generous, especially compared with the Pac 10's. They both had down years, but there is no reason for MSU to be seeded so much higher than UA.

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