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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Wranglers II
Last time I complained about squatters, and this week it was worse. The entire fucking row was taken up by people who weren't supposed to be there.
Last time I also complained about the music. Maybe I noticed it more, but this week they played music between every play, during every timeout, etc. Even if the crowd wanted to get into it, no one would hear because of the damn music. Are the fans really supposed to start to cheer in the 2 seconds between the music and the play? Do they even know who their fan base is? Austin, like all of Texas, knows good football and knows how to passionately root for the home team. When the Wranglers turn the game into a dance club, that really makes me not want to go, regardless of the on-field product.
Speaking of the football, it is actually ok. Unlike the XFL, big plays are not always the result of poor defense. The games are almost always close at the end, and even kickoffs and extra points are exciting. If only they could focus on that...

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