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Friday, April 09, 2004

Another 3/3
I have a friend who has a theory for going out to bars that I think is pretty good. Basically, you need to get rejected by three girls each night. However, if you aren't getting rejected, you aren't aiming high enough. Tonight, I fulfilled my quota at three.

The first was at Aqarium, where I was taking a piss. You see, at the Aquarium, you can see out into the crowd via one-way mirror. Well, this hot redhead knocked on the glass whilst I was relieving myself, so that gave me a good opening line: "You knocked?" Didn't work too well.

The second was outside of the 311 Club (we didn't go in due to the $5 cover). We were standing around and my friend went for his first rejection (rare for him) with one of a group of 5 girls. Apparently, it was one of their birthdays (the one to her left, nearest to me). As he was giving her some story about how she looked like the leader of the group, I tried to talk to the hotter birthday girl (although not as hot as the girl to the leader's right). First, I tried to guess how old she was. No good. Then I asked about free meals at Denny's and free ice cream at Baskin Robins. Still no good. That was sufficient for #2.

The third was at the Drink. Technically the third might have been when the guy dressed as Captain Morgan refused to give me a free drink, but I won't count that. After sitting in a booth downstairs for a little while, we ventured up stairs. At first, it was really bad. But, after a little while, some girls got onto the elevated area and started dancing to Snoop's Gin n' Juice. Well, that only lasted for a few seconds before some shit song came on. That was a good opportunity to ask one of them (really hot redhead) what song she wanted. She said she didn't care, but she wanted something good. I talked to the DJ, and he seemed to agree and said he would change it. I then got farther than I had with #1 or #2 (to name -- Amy). However, at that point she decided to talk to her friend instead of to me. Good enough for #3. A twist is that as we were leaving, I saw skanky Amy give a nice ass shot to some guys who knocked on the glass (she was sitting next to the window). Thus, we left and I knocked on the glass. I got a subtle waive, and then ignored. I guess I didn't even deserve an ass shot from a skanky ho. Bitch.

So that was my night in Austin, the alleged #1 place to "hook up" in the US. See my shitty refutation here.

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