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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Check out Gregg Easterbrook's Alternative History. I rarely agree with him, but he has been on a role the last several days.

I think you could do something similar to that for Iraq. It would go something like this:
President Bush was impeached today based on his failure to take action in the war on terror. After disbanding the Taliban, Bush decided not to pursue regime change in Iraq, despite warnings from Bill Clinton, Democratic leaders, France, the UN, and seemingly every intelligence agency in the world, Bush failed to take action against Saddam Hussein. That strategy failed the public miserably as sarin gas was released throughout NYC by a terrorist. The terrorist was given the chemical weapon by Hussein, and, as a reward for the successful attack, the terrorist's family was given $50,000 and safe harbor in Baghdad. Asked why we didn't take preemptive action, Bush said that the world community would not have supported us, even in a post 9-11 environment...

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